Boxed Lunches Are Here!!

Make your next staff or team event more fun and special
Make it easy for everyone to have their own personalized experience
Filling and delicious, our Box Lunches will make any meeting more memorable

Every Boxed Lunch comes with a Chocolate Chip and Chips. Vegan Cookies Available  sbi1 SymbolButtonIcon sbi - german: Symbol Vegan mit grünen Moringa Oleifera Blättern - english: icon vegan with green leafs - xxl g5502

Having a big party and want your Munch Hut favorites?

Call us at (706) 850-7150 for pricing and specials.

Want more upscale, fine-dining options with that same guaranteed delicious flavoring?

Contact us for custom menus....

We specialize in various cuisines:



Middle Eastern


American – Cold Cuts

American – Southern, Classics


Some Chinese & Indian